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Fund Manager Selection & Evaluation

Our fund manager selection process helps us identify leading managers to employ in our clients’ portfolios.

Fund Manager Selection

HCCM’s Manager Selection and Evaluation is performed quarterly, ensuring timely data and up-to-date candidates. We filter the Investment Universe of over 10,000 Mutual Funds and ETF’s based upon many criteria including:

Peer Group Ranking

Consistent Performance

Quantitative Measures

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • R-Squared
  • Standard Deviation

Qualitative Measures

  • Management/Organization
  • Process
  • Philosophy

This results in approximately 8-10 Candidate Securities, with 2-3 Preferred Managers, in each Asset Class. Portfolio Construction and Maintenance work in concert with these results to give Clients the best possible Portfolios. We continue monitoring to assess performance, risk and style adherence throughout the quarter, at which point the process begins again.