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Do you have an investment minimum account size?

High Country Capital Management does not have investment minimums. We feel individuals at all asset and income levels should have access to sophisticated and unbiased personalized investment advice.

How often do you meet with your clients?

We meet with clients regularly and at least on a quarterly basis when we produce our performance reports. Meeting frequency is generally determined by clients based on their desire and availability. Whenever we do not meet with clients in person, we are able to review the report by phone, email, or Web Conference. We are also available between reporting periods.

Who is the custodian of my assets?

We use the brokerage firm, Charles Schwab & Co. to custody client assets. The custodian provides safekeeping of assets, accounting of transactions, collection of interest and dividends, issuance of statements, and required tax reporting. Since Charles Schwab & Co. is a brokerage firm, it will also execute transactions. A custodian such as Charles Schwab & Co. generally provides the safest form of custody that offers the highest level of asset protection.

There seem to be a lot of moving parts in the process with outside managers, custodians, and brokers. Will this be complicated?

High Country Capital Management oversees every aspect of implementing the investment portfolio. We prepare all necessary paperwork: our clients simply review and sign it. On an ongoing basis, although clients receive statements from the custodian, the reports from HCCM will explain what is happening in the portfolio. We coordinate all of the activities and our clients can contact with us for any needs or questions that arise.

What is your historical performance?

We are investment advisors, and as such, each of our clients has a unique allocation and mix of managers, making the traditional measures of standard (composite) performance not applicable. However, each manager we recommend to clients does have a performance record that is among the criteria we consider when selecting the manager.

What is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor?

An Independent Registered Investment Advisor is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Because HCCM is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, HCCM has the freedom to serve you better by offering advice that's best for you, helping you to meet your big picture financial goals.