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Customized Investment Reporting

What kind of investment portfolio reporting can I expect?


Our proprietary performance reports, developed for the exclusive use of HCCM’s clients, provide clear and actionable information regarding a client’s portfolio, including the current allocation compared to targets, performance of the total portfolio compared to a customized benchmark, and the absolute and relative performance of the individual investment managers. It also provides some analytical information on the managers. Our report does not replace or repeat the statements you will receive from your custodian, Charles Schwab & Co. Rather, it augments your overall reporting by providing useful information that helps you understand and evaluate the portfolio. Please click here to see a sample of High Country Capital Management's  quarterly report.*


Clients have Web-based access to view account-level data at Charles Schwab & Co. and can view more detailed asset allocation data via a secure log-in on the High Country Capital Management homepage.

*The sample quarterly report are for illustration purposes only and are not, in any way, advertising performance. It should not be assumed that recommendations, made in the future, will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in this report.