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Action Sports Division

HCCM’s Action Sports Division serves the unique financial needs of action sports athletes. 

After developing relationships with several athletes involved in action sports, we realized there were many gaps in the financial aspects of their busy lives. In fact, we found that most athletes had done little or no financial planning. 

Mundane, but necessary tasks such as paying bills can slip through the cracks with the heavy training regimen and hectic lives athletes lead. In addition, short and long-term financial and investment planning often never gets accomplished. Like many other professional athletes, careers are often short with high income only lasting for a few years. Prudent and proven planning to preserve and grow wealth is critical to make the most of the relatively short windows athletes have during their peak earning years. 

If an athlete makes a financial mistake, it may difficult to recover from it. Athletes need a skilled and trusted financial advisor to help them navigate the challenging world of investing and financial planning. At HCCM, we understand the complexities of the lives of action sports athletes. We act as a support system and strong foundation for their personal financial management. While most athletes have agents that are experts at negotiating contracts and securing sponsorships, they aren’t equipped with the financial planning and investment management skills of a wealth management professional. 

HCCM’s bespoke services range from managing day-to-day financial details for an athlete while they are on the road, to more sophisticated budgeting, risk management and portfolio management services.