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Crested Butte Toilet Bowl Championship

March 20, 2014
As still a young franchise in the Crested Butte town league, the HCCM hockey team fought many tough battles during the regular season with only one victory for its efforts.

Heading into the post season, the second-year team started to gel and play stronger and smarter, but still lost its first two playoff games. With the possibility of ending the season in last place, HCCM turned it on for its final game – the coveted “Toilet Bowl.” The Toilet Bowl Championship is reserved for the two teams who have fared worst in the playoffs. The title for second to last place was on the line and HCCM wanted this prestigious distinction. On a cool March evening, with the ice in good shape, HCCM defeated The Eldo with a 4-2 victory and was awarded its first ever Toilet Bowl trophy. Several HCCM players took the trophy to The Eldo to celebrate and enjoy the win.